Timothy Crowley Sound Installation Artist


Timothy Crowley 2008 Artists at Play The Poly, Falmouth. _ Timothy Crowley _

"Presented as a kind of abstract crystalline structure of irregular columns exploding from the centre of the floor, it feasts greedily on nearby sounds, taking them back to its inner core to digest them and then spew them back, dissected and processed according to some unknown logic.

It is hard to say whether the piece would have been rendered more or less interesting were more documentation provided on its inner mechanisms; but as it was, throughout the evening its waves of commotion confronted the ambient hum and babble of a gallery opening with an intensified memory of itself. Since the piece will continue to build up its hoard of found sound throughout the show, it will be interesting to return later to hear how its scrambled recollections evolve. Crowley's use of generative algorithms make this a rare example of a work sure to surprise even the artist himself.

It certainly entertained those present (including small children, always a good indication with interactive works); its periodic spasms are a reminder of the strangeness of sound and of memory, as it serves both up in ominous shards, refracted through its crystalline digital surfaces." Exerpt from Robin Mackay's review in Art Cornwall.

Generative composition example 1

Generative composition example 2