Timothy Crowley Sound Installation Artist


Zierle & Carter 2014 Deep Waters Zierle & Carter _ Belinda Whiting 2014 Inside/Outside Belinda Whiting

A four day interdisciplinary art event at the historic Enys Gardens. Co-curated and project managed with artist Kate Ogley. Set within the empty Victorian mansion and gardens, it featured performance art, installation, interactive and generative sound work and film, constellated within an art trail.

The artwork reflected on how buildings and spaces bear witness to what we no longer can know and the ways in which these secrets may be intimated within the site. It offered audiences the opportunity to engage with new interactive artwork and a series of creative and educational workshops. We chose 10 artists that put participation at the core of their work. The artist were Timothy Crowley, Kate Ogley, Zierle & Carter, Belinda Whiting, Frances Williams, Katie Etheridge and Simon Persighetti, Jane Bailey, Rob Gawthrop, Chantal Brooks, Kate Southworth.