Timothy Crowley Sound Installation Artist

Timothy Crowley 2016 Testing speakers on the Marie Valerie Bridge, Slovakia _ Timothy Crowley 2008 Aragonite

My interests lie within participatory art. I create generative computer programs that provide a key component to my sculptural and interactive sound installations. These installations are programmed to generate a sound composition that will responds to the acoustic environment. My work incorporates sounds and speech made by the audience and simultaneously integrates this material into the program mixing it with pre-recorded sounds that may include field recordings to create a new sound composition.

My work interweaves personal references with abstracted sound. It reflects on the elusive and fragmentary nature of memory; how it is continually being replayed and remade in the present moment. Robin Mackay describing Timothy Crowley's sound installation Aragonite in Art Cornwall, 'His intriguing sound-sculpture is presented as a kind of abstract crystalline structure of irregular columns exploding from the centre of the floor, it feasts greedily on nearby sounds, taking them back to its inner core to digest them and then spew them back, dissected and processed according to some unknown logic.'