Timothy Crowley Sound Installation Artist


Timothy Crowley 2017 Flow Residency with Kate Ogley, Crypt Gallery, London. _ Timothy Crowley _

We created a series of soundscapes from recordings taken along the river Danube in Slovakia. Like the river Styx whose waters are filled with memories of past deeds of the dead we imagined the Danube as a repository for stories and sounds of the region's complex history.

The Crypt's enclosed passageways and recesses provide a stark contrast to the sounds of nature and the exterior world. Yet there are elements that connect and relate to both worlds including the subterranean river Fleet whose course runs nearby.

During the residency we explored how these two realms interact and how one transforms the experience of the other.

Visitors were invited to listen out for these soundscapes of elsewhere secreted about the bones of the building.

Fishermen throwing stones