Timothy Crowley Sound Installation Artist


Timothy Crowley 2009 Frameworks Falmouth Art Gallery _ Timothy Crowley _

Frame is a site specific sound installation consisting of a floor standing sculpture resembling one half of a corner of a picture frame. The sculpture emanates various pre-recorded sound compositions by the artist, ranging from literal recordings, to the abstract and sometimes musical, and have a visual and spatial quality.

Each of the 15 sound compositions are portrayals of an activity. Twig was inspired by a family outing, we had stood by the road side skimming stones across a frozen lake near Edinburgh marvelling at the distorted ricochet effect it produced. The artist reimagined this experience using the sounds of a hard dry twig dropping onto a hard floor mixed together with occasional car sounds. Take Hart is a direct reference to Tony Harts art program for children (1977-83). The artist used BBC sound effects to recreate a scenario of someone creating something using card and sticky back plastic.

Twig Take Hart