Timothy Crowley Sound Installation Artist

Infinite Baffle

Timothy Crowley 2001 It's ok, I'm an Artist Bristol _ Timothy Crowley _

This floor standing sculpture plays a pre-recorded musical composition into the installation space. It's striking shape, colour and sound, are all derived from the same idea. This idea is about something re-occurring within something reoccurring, and therefore something, that is both always repeating itself yet always changing.

This piece is about a recurring nightmare the artist had during adolescence of an ever worsening scenario, for example orbiting The Earth and with each orbit getting further away. Throughout the dreams there is a detached internal monologue impassively trying to solve the problem, intensifying an ever increasing feeling of anxiety and hopelessness which would continue to last several minutes after waking.

By writing a progressive techno music composition the artist transforms his repetitive nightmare into a positive experience, also a journey by structuring it into the classical three part sonata form (exposition, development and recapulation). The intellectual internal monologue in the dream (depicted by the lower pitched sounds in the composition) is emotionally able to explore the depths of infinity (the raising octave motif which runs throughout the score).