Timothy Crowley Sound Installation Artist


Timothy Crowley 2006 TAG The Poly, Falmouth. _ Timothy Crowley _

Pyrite reflects and amplifies the ambience of its surroundings, cubic crystal forms functioning as speaker enclosures project sounds across the floor area creating a field of sound. The artist has created a playful art installation, aurally, visually and spatially whether one is interacting or simply observing.

It is an interactive and generative sound installation, noises made by a person within the room are recorded and played back to them together with previously recorded sounds. A hidden computer, running a program in supercollider, pseudo-intelligently interacts with the viewer, by composing and playing sound scapes, which alter along with the level of interaction going on. The viewer becomes part of the performance, the audio scapes, generatively composed by the computer, are half communicating with and half emulating the viewers sounds, it's audio language growing in diversity, as it builds up a collection of recorded sounds.

Composition example 1 Composition example 2