Timothy Crowley Sound Installation Artist

Sounds of the Serengeti

Timothy Crowley 2008 Live Art Falmouth

The aim of this work is to temporarily transform the atmosphere of an entire public space using animal sounds, altering the perception of our experience of the location. This bubble of fantasic and other worldly sounds is kept alive through the participation of the people within it. Sounds of the Serengeti involves and is generated by the residents and workers of a shopping street. 48 out of 50 shop owners and residents asked participated, including major chain stores, they could choose from 4 different CDs of animals found on the Serengeti, then playing it out of upper floor windows using their own music players for the duration of the 3 day art festival. The CDs contain sound samples sourced from the internet and old vinyl which are altered and reworked by the artist into long and varying atmospheric compositions.

Birds CD edit Zebras and Wildebeest CD edit